28 April 2008

New York moments

1. The hat seller. New York City 2004

2. Central Park. New York City 2004

3. Under the Brooklyn Bridge. New York City 2004

4. Tiger Woods. New York City 2004

5. Ground Zero. New York City 2004

6. On the corner of west 13th St. and 9th Av. New York City 2004

7. Laurie. New York City 2004

8. D-train. New York City 2004

New York City.
Love it or hate it. Either way, everybody has an opinion.
I think Frank Sinatra sums it up nicely:

I wanna wake up in a city

That doesn't sleep

And find I'm king of the hill

Top of the heap

These little town blues

Are melting a way

I'll make a brand-new start of it

In old New York

If I can make it there

I'll make it anywhere

It's up to you New York, New York

Photos by © Tommi Pirnes
Tommi is one of our invited photographers. I am very glad to see you here again/ulf


Rhonda said...

Yes, those are New York moments...you have to love it! Thank you for sharing these wonderful moments!

beatriz said...

exceptionally fabulous work...the moments!!

mikael said...

Very fine moments captured, truly great work!

joanna said...

woooah! 4 and 7 are my personal faves!! fantastic vision of the city, of this city. it's quite thrilling to add these to the city-vision i have, never beeing there, different and stunning one!!! :)