18 April 2008

Raspberry Fields

As a kid,
I remember playing at my grandparents place.
The taste of life was sweet back then.
Sweet and red.
Like raspberries.

Well, it is all gone by now.
A small job for a caterpillar,
a giant leap for mankind.
A new highway.

Evolution has punched me.

This summer
I will plant raspberries in the garden.
For my kids. And for me.

That is my way to punch back.


F said...

This is great but it would be sooo much better without the title, man!

Anonymous said...

yngve strikes back

Anonymous said...

wonderful --

GC said...

love it, pass me the shoes...

Anonymous said...

Beautiful poetry...

M Jenemark

Codrin Lupei said...

This is very touching, Christofer, both the words and the photograph, beautiful, sad, real...and so much more!
all the best to you