07 May 2008

How to not make a photograph (2)

1.Buy your film at a flea market
2. Shoot the film with a camera from a discount store.
3. Leave the film lying around for ages.
4. Develop the film in wintertime in your parents’ basement where all your liquids have reached the cozy temperature of 15 degrees Celsius.

5. Cut the negatives in the wrong places.

6. Use a crappy scanner.


Rhonda said...

has an alien feel to it...great!

o.hemul said...

I am amazed Miss Pro (gg)
I had a feeling that we would see the most interesting photos in this project
huvva-this is awesome-even better than the best

chris said...


This is lovley!

F said...

O, Hemul - are you pulling my leg?

//Miss Proggresive my ass

O.Hemul said...

I beg your pardon Miss
no legs or bottoms are involved
this is top five

Ulla said...

This was´nt an easy way...
Lina, Lina i want to follow you in this. ;-)

Mikael said...

Think I still can se some flees ;)