05 May 2008

invited guest: Maggie Taylor

Some years ago I discovered Maggie Taylors surrealistic images. Now I am very happy to present her images, often created by combining old and new photographs. Please also visit Maggie Taylors homepage!

Man with too much time ©Maggie Taylor 2004

Subject to change ©Maggie Taylor 2004

Cloud sisters ©Maggie Taylor 2004

Woman who loves fish ©Maggie Taylor 2004

I'm grown up now ©Maggie Taylor 2004

Rather difficult game indeed ©Maggie Taylor 2004

Two men in a boat ©Maggie Taylor 2004

Invited by Fredrik Skott


Anonymous said...

strange photographs!

Jan Bernhardtz said...

These images are magic!

f. said...


f. skott said...

Magical images, as Jan says. Thank you for showing your work at the F blog.

All the best,

Anonymous said...

One of my all time FAV !!!. I love Maggie's colors and of course...her imagnation !!!!


chris said...

Great work, all of them, but the uppermost one...Oh that one is brilliant!