04 May 2008

Markus Jenemark, now author of the F Blog

I’m an amateur photographer, 33 years old, and I live in a small idyllic town called Hjo in the south of Sweden, with my wife, two children (a girl and a boy) and a cat. I work as a personal assistant to a disabled man here in Hjo.

I really got into photography a couple of years ago. Actually, my interest increased when I saw the work of some photographers (many of whom are on the f-blog) on another website that I understood what is possible in making pictures that move you. Since then I’m totally caught in the world of photography. I remember when I looked in a book by Strömholm for the first time. I was in a library in Skövde and so absorbed I almost missed my bus back home…

...was it he who castrated our cat a few weeks ago…?

I’m inspired by everyday life, music and by watching other photos and images (art of any kind, really). When I take photos I like to capture moments and objects in my daily life, and for me it’s important to try to be personal and to put my own feelings and memories on display. It´s a bit like being a child, to explore and to never really know what I’m about to see. That´s what makes it interesting, I think.

Well, it’s an honor to be here on the f-blog. Hopefully I can contribute with something interesting.

More of my pictures can be seen here.


Anders Bq said...

Hey Markus, so good to have you around! Welcome to the TFB family!

F said...

You are so welcome Markus! I have been waiting for this. You have already contributed largely to the F blog over the previous year. It is we who are honoured to have you with us.


urbano(mr) said...

Hey there Markus
Finally our glesbygdshero Yngve will have some company. I am pleased to see you. A great day for TFB!
/Nisse Pettersson, fotograf, Stockholm

Rhonda said...

Amazing photographs! Very happy to see you here! -R

paolo saccheri said...

I like a lot your moments, sensitiveness and moods in pictures.

chris said...


Damn this was about time!!

And to the rest of you...Are you ready for the country???


f. skott said...

very welcome!
- f.

jeanne said...

Welcome Markus!!!

Oh yes, I'm ready fro more country -- always!

beatriz said...

you photos and your words are very beautiful. nice to see you here.

Anonymous said...

A big welcome Markus, so nice to have you here!!!
Great photos as always!

mikael said...

Hmm...Mikael said that last one.

Markus Jenemark said...

Yiiihaaa! Thanks everbody!

Markus said...

Hi Markus! Welcome to the blog! Great to have you around

/markus :-)

ndiginiz said...

Tena koe ehoa
Really like the separation of visual in the top image. I think the photographer has caught the essence of this frame really well at the most opportune moment with the horse looking in his direction and the truck off in the distance on the road.
Well done Markus.