26 May 2008

out of this world

Photo: Jan Bernhardtz


Buse said...

...and out of your head! Just a little connection to the stones poster below. That picture is from the same photosession as the one that cover the album "Out of our heads". Fun!

curator Sven said...

Mr Buse - Why do you think the the F blog needs Kurator Sven - to connect and connect and connect

Buse said...

Well Sven, I don´t know what the F-blog "needs", and frankly I don´t care abot your opinion about it.

Kurator Sven said...

Kurator Sven is your friend both of you wonderful Jans
don´t worry
stay tuned
and cool

Buse said...

Another connection: just my imagination (running away with me).

Temptations - Stones

beatriz said...

maybe the walking talking heads. : ) great foto.