04 June 2008

Fiat 500 travelled all the way to Poultikasvaara

Our first car, when I was a little girl was a Fiat 500. We were so proud of it, although it did not have a real back seat, just a board where we put a matress. It was not a powerful car, I remember us cheering on Dad and the Fiat when the road went upwards in order to get us to the top.
Poultikasvaara is Sami language and means "nettle hill"
Text: Margareta Cortes Photo: Karl-Gunnar Roth (her brother)


Per-Arne said...

Bra med bilen så där överst och familjen framför i slänten ner. Händerna som som pysslar med tobak och pipan. Hur du tyr dig till och lutar mot. Kan svagt minnas den bilmodellen :)!

urbano said...

very nice Margareta
love the story too

paolo saccheri said...

This picture is out of time! so beautiful...
It shows the erlier fiat 500 known as "topolino" (little mouse)