22 July 2008

Urban Dialogue

It happened somehow I found myself in a dance happening of Urban Dialogue. A creative laboratory open to performers who wanted to explore relationships between body and city. Part of an international project from Bucharest, Cosmin Manolescu met Aline Nari in Genova to perform. Among many other dancers, talented Gaia Chernetich of UBIdanza stood out for her body language and attracted me.

Walking through a gallery and coming into a closed wide space, the dancers have people participate in their experiment. A short expression of feelings and life.

A real success in communication.

Photos and text by Paolo Saccheri


Anonymous said...

This is just GREAT....it is part of our reality....and part of our personality !!!


urbano said...

relationships between the human body and the city is a great subject for dancers as well it is for photographers
thanks for sharing!

Gaia Chernetich said...

I would like to thank Paolo for his great pictures and also the whole dancing group of UBIdanza: Aline Nari, choreographer of UBIdanza (Genova), Cosmin Manolescu (choreographer from Bucharest) and all the other wonderful dancers.

This experience has been really interesting concerning the relationship between the concepts of "inside" and "outside" of each person in the town and towards it.

We all have had the possibility of investigating with our performing bodies a new point of view of the spaces in the Darsena, where the performance and the workshop took place, and in Genova.

We did not want to see dance as a decoration for the architectures in the spaces where we performed, but we clearly needed to feel a new and different link between the spaces and us. Cosmin Manolescu and Aline Nari have been really great as leaders and as artists to lead us reach this goal.
Paolo has perfectly captured these feelings with his camera.

Gaia Chernetich

paolo saccheri said...

thank you Gaia for your beautiful words and your better explaination