11 August 2008

invited guest: Bosse Blomqvist

One of the reasons for me to switch from 135mm film to large format photography was the possibility to start working with glass plates. However, due to the fact that old glass plates are hard to find (and new ones messy to construct) I got stuck with orthochromatic 8x10"-film. But a year ago I discovered Bosse Blomqvist's work, which inspired me to at last start experimenting with exposing and developing 100 years old glass plates. It is a real pleasure to have the opportunity to invite him to the F blog.

Bosse Blomqvist uses glass plates, old ones from the beginning of the 20th Century as well as new homemade ones, 4x5" and 18x24 cm. I find his portraits interesting. Especially the combination of portraying modern people using old techniques is truly fascinating and very inspiring.

Please check out Bosse Blomqvist's Flickr-page. And don't miss Nils Bergqvist's reportage about Bosse and his work (in Swedish).

- Fredrik Skott


Anonymous said...

interesting pics

Mikael said...

Excellent photos!

ulf said...

I like the second picture very much - you can almost feel her breath, her skin
amazing photograhy
thansk for sharing!

Anonymous said...


Mattias Wirf said...

Very interesting! Exciting portraits.

f. skott said...

Thank you for participating on the F blog. I am very fascinated of your portraits and would love to exhibit more of them on the F blog later on.
All the best,