07 August 2008

invited guest: Phil Bebbington (I)

"I live in Bath in the UK and spend as much time as I am able on the Greek Island of Crete. I have been visiting for about 10 years and during that time have been trying to record the Crete I love.. The Crete away from the beaches and tourists traps. The real Crete, the Crete that seems to be in decline. The villages there seem to be slowly emptying with the youth of Crete preferring the promise of the city or even the mainland and Athens.

In these images I am trying to capture the life and the death of Cretan villages. The death in respect of the villages emptying and becoming full of old people or babies. The life in the images…. suggestions to the soul of the place and the people that although gone living on.

I feel in these images that the black and white emphasise the decay and dereliction whereas the colour counter that with a suggestion of life…a window into what was. The colour of personal effects shining through the greyness." - Phil Bebbington

It is a pleasure to see Phil's pictures from Crete, where he has spent so much time and thoughts. I am glad to be able to present some of his pictures here. More to come from Phil and Crete in the coming days on The F Blog.
Pictures and text © Phil Bebbington
Have a look at Phil's site philbebbington.com and blog terrorkitten.com/iblog
invited by ulf fågelhammar


Anonymous said...

such beautiful work, Phil -- to show ruin and decay with dignity is difficult and (I think) asks of the photographer that he have a big spirit. I'll be looking at these again and again.

br said...

the formality and "decline" together are very powerful. great work!!!

Mikael said...

A very nice collection!

Anonymous said...

really interesting!
- f.

Rhonda Boocock said...

wonderful series!