22 August 2008

New F-blog subject...just for fun!

As a young child I remember looking forward to rebus puzzles each month when my favorite children’s magazine arrived in the mail. The combination of pictures and words was always a delight to solve. And thanks to Ulf, I was reminded of them again recently.

So just for some F-un, why not create your own photo rebus puzzle? If you need some inspiration here is a site about the history of the rebus. My own very simple rebus is below. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I know!!! I knowiknowiknow!!!

but I'll let the Swedes have a go at it. They're on coffee now, and we're on whiskey. And their Swenglish is so much fun at whiskey time :)

Anonymous said...

It must be the SUPPERMAN

Mikael said...

It´s a bird, its a plane...no....its souperman!!!

GC said...

faster than a speeding bullet!

br said...

lol !! super fun !

Anonymous said...


Isn´t it obvious!

Anonymous said...

or maybe even mugger man

Anonymous said...

hehehe....combination of pictures and words is the soup .....for the superman...!!!