20 September 2008

La settimana italiana / Italian week

You know all roads lead to Rome? Remember the Roman Holiday? Or are you a fan of The blow up by Michelangelo Antonioni?
Have you heard a story of the italian photographer Tina Modotti, an actress and a poet, Edward Weston’s lover, figure in Diego Ribera’s murals…? Have you seen any pictures or heard a story by Piergiorgio Branzi – photojournalist of Europe from 50’s? Have you seen one of the 150 books with pictures by Gianni Berengo Giardin? Have you noticed the great documentary and architecture pictures by Gabriele Basilico? Or have you ever solve Ugo Mulas’ conceptual games on photography?

If no… then you need to browse on gurgle, cause we won’t talk about the legends.

This week I invite you to have a trip to Italy, nowadays. From Milan to Trapani, and even further from London to Chile and Japan. Each day another photographer will be shown here. Let’s have the italian week of photography. Equisite frames, bright shades, tasty colors and…
If you're a frequent Fblog visitor, you may have noticed these photographers :)

photo: Mario Macaluso

photo: Guido Castagnoli

Anyway…it’s just an info to get prepared, and start to learn some words.
Ciao, saluti, abracci, bacci e buon viaggio ☺
schedulded by joanna


F said...

Finally! Very exciting, Joanna!

Anonymous said...

yes, very exciting!
- F.

Tiberio said...

I'll sit on the river banks and see ...

Mario Macaluso said...


joanna said...

yep, wait and see :)
nice to see you here Mario :)