25 September 2008

La settimana italiana / Italian week: Giovedi

Antonio Sansica

Antonio Sansica
An Italian graphic designer who lives in London. My passion for communication design comes from my interest in imagery. When I was a teenager,I was fascinated by my father's camera and from that moment I started to communicate through pictures, that is what I really love. I believe in visual communication and I view it as a new way to fight, a modern system, and a very efficient means of conveying thoughts. We are fighting, shouting or simply speaking through images, signs and letters. i believe in the contents, I always think about the function of any project that I'm doing and especially about the meaning of every colour and marking.

invited by Joanna Kinowska


paolo saccheri said...

I like a lot and share your point of view!

at the butcher is great

Anonymous said...

again - highly interesting photographs!
- F.

Anonymous said...

Thanks F Blog, thanks Johanna!
It was a pleasure to me!

joanna said...

i adore the first one. it's this love from the first sight :)
grazie Antonio :)