26 September 2008

La settimana italiana / Italian week: Venerdi

Giancarlo Vizzini

These pictures were made in Palermo - centro storico, in the street markets and the famous Ballaro.

Giancarlo: si può dire soprattutto che non sono nato fotografo e mai forse lo diventerò veramente....ma mi piace.
You may say, above all, that I wasn't born to be photographer and that I'd never become one, but I like it. I'm a photographer with passion and by passion. I am not interested in focusing on a defined style, even if I am interested in reading from photograps. Clearly it can't always succeed. I am satisfied with a good technique, especially when I can't get into a concept I've presumed.


Giancarlo said...

Thank you very much, Joanna

peter said...

The "Modern Slaves" initiative continues with this letter from Mauro Gallegati of the Giorgio Fua' Faculty of Economics at the Universita' Politecnica delle Marche. He has taken the trouble to demonstrate with numbers and graphs what is under the eyes of all of us that there is a reduction in the number of jobs and that precarious work is increasing, together with the new poor, those that in France are called “the low cost generation”.

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joanna said...

no...thank YOU, Giancarlo :) lovely frames from the old part of Palermo, feeling the history and it's misteries :)