04 October 2008

invited photographer: Anna Edlund

In July, at the exhibition Planket ("the fence") in Gothenburg, especially one serie of photographs got my attention - Anna Edlund's "Här går vi" ("Here we go"). Now I am very happy to introduce Anna Edlund as an invited photographer at the F blog!

Here we go
Here are nine pictures from a series of sixteen. These sixteen are all pedestrian symbols on the pavement of a street in Gothenburg, Herkulesgatan.
With a simple technique (taken with a Holga 120n) and with multiple images I want to show a pattern that for me is a lot about communication. Communication between the viewer and the pictures, the "doodling" artist and us, the man and the child. What do we see in the symbol?
This is the street where we walk.
I want to put some light on the public space and our inner space. Spaces where we spend time but might not stop and reflect about where we are, what we see and where we walk and where we are going.
- Anna Edlund

All photographs © Anna Edlund.
Don't miss to check out her homepage.
Invited by Fredrik Skott.


Anonymous said...

A very interesting project. It is possible to see the rest of the series somewhere?

Julie said...

fan, jag hade tänkt göra en sån här serie. synd att du hann före... men snyggt gjort!

jeanne said...

Wonderful! This is an original and thoughtful series!

paolo saccheri said...

nice series!

....................................... said...

Vilken kul idè, ser fram emot nästa projekt.
/ Boa

chrisw1r said...

Yeah, they come alive in the evenings, I've heard. That's why I don't dare biking after dark. :)

f. skott said...

Indeed, great photographs! Thank you very much for participating on the F blog!
- F.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the comments. You can se the rest of the series on my homepage soon.

Yes they can come alive in the evnings =).

Also thanks to the F blog. I´m happy to showing my pictures here.


Tiberio Fanti said...

I've noticed several times these patterns on the sidewalks of Stockholm too. Instead of taking photographs, though, I've always been on the side of those who "customize" them ... :-)