13 October 2008

invited photographer: Henrik Sundblad

I am very happy to have the possibility to present Henrik Sundblad as an invited photographer on the F blog. Besides being an old friend of mine, Henrik is doing his master's degree in photography at the School of Photography, University of Gothenburg. Right now it's possible to see some of his prints at Galleri Spark in Copenhagen. At November 22nd his work is also exhibited at Alingsås Konsthall, Sweden. Please also check out his homepage.

The ones not screwed to the wall ©Henrik Sundblad

Partially uncomposed in space ©Henrik Sundblad

Logic©Henrik Sundblad

Hello morning duel in the deep abyss ©Henrik Sundblad

Function painted on ©Henrik Sundblad

Firmly established misconception ©Henrik Sundblad

Invited by Fredrik Skott


Umma said...

Very interesting work! Entertaining images but also, in some sense, uncanny.

Anonymous said...


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abeku said...

Yes, beautiful work with an interesting twist!

f skott said...

Thanks for parcipating to the F blog. As you know, I like this serie very much.
- F.