20 November 2008

invited guest: Kacha Dobrowolska

It's not an easy task for me to talk about my photos. They're something in between fashion photography, portrait and art photography, and maybe this being not-easy-to-categorize makes them tough to be liked by onlookers.

Once, I've heard that I'm doing the most UNfashionable fashion photography ever, which made me rather depressed because in this kind of photography it's not good to be out of date. Today, I know that for me it is more important to have a free choice of what I'm doing and to shoot in a way that photography seduces me, than to try to fit to the main stream.

I don't like disputes of whether something is good or mediocre, the crucial thing is whether you like it or not. And you don't need philosophy or technical background to say if you feel photography.
This is why I won't say much about my photos: the only thing I'm sure of, is the fact, that I press the shutter and that it's my favourite activity in life.

more Kacha's works you may find on her website

invited by Marcin Górski


Anonymous said...

great work and thanks for the contribution
- m agejev

Exposed Material said...

The best results will be there if you follow what feels best for you - as clearly shown in your photography: Great portraits with a unique signature.

Anonymous said...

they communicate something... something sociological, some real life some false.
A good result in photography.