23 November 2008

Invited guest: Roger Borgelid

For more than 20 years Roger Borgelid has reported from and about different parts of the world. For a long time he did it mostly with words, writing for some of the leading newspapers and magazines in Sweden. Today he speaks preferably through his images, through photography. And in photography he found a more eloquent language, a language more open for interpretations.

The major part of his work is still created during travel. But whether he's documenting culture in Africa, shooting portraits back in Sweden or creating personal art, it's always with the same ambition – to go with his feelings.
"I try to photograph not only what I see, but also – and often even more – what I feel. In photography, and also in life, we need to free our minds and open up our hearts. If we learn to rely on our intuition, we will be more free as humans and as artists."

In this collection Roger Borgelid shows some of his personal art work, where all images are results of "just letting it happen". To enhance his dreamy visions he used the method of lith printing.

"With the entrance of digital photography, many feared the death of older darkroom techniques. I like to believe they will rather become a more exclusive art form. Lith printing gives images a more dreamy touch. It's also unpredictable, you never really know how the copy will develope and that's good. You lose a little bit of control, and like Sally Mann sometimes says, you give chance a chance. That is part of the magic. And also a liberation of mind", he says.

Roger Borgelid was awarded "Photographer of the year" by the well renowned artphoto magazine Black & White Magazine, after winning their contest Single Image Awards 2005, and two years later one of his images was chosen to be published in the book "The worlds greatest black and white photography".
He is a member of photo agency Johnér/Naurbild. Other clients include Dagens Nyheter, Vagabond, Utemagasinet and Aftenposten. View more of Roger Borgelid´s photography at www.borgelid.se

Invited by: Markus Jenemark


Lina Nääs said...

Nice to see Roger here! Wonderful images and a very interesting text as well.

Exposed Material said...

Yes, what a pleasure to see Roger's work here. Beautiful lith prints! Great invitation, Markus... and Roger: thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen your photos previously, to be honest, but what a pleasant encounter it is! I really like these pictures, with a lot of feeling in them.
Cheers, Christian

Darren said...

This is the first I've seen of your pictures too...and they made an instant impression on me...thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Such wonderful work, Roger, thanks for sharing it with us!

Chris said...

Great photos, very alive and beautiful at the same time.

Anonymous said...

the 3rd one is just wordtaker

Anonymous said...

This is definitely worth a bronze plaquette or two.

Unknown said...

Thannk you everyone for sharing your impressions of my work and for all the kind comments. And thank you once again Markus for inviting me!
All the best!