15 November 2008

invited quest: prepare for e-talk with Jesse Marlow

Stay tuned for the e-interview with Jesse Marlow - australian photographer, or better street-photographer and documentary photographer. He is a member of Oculi and in.public. here are some links you should visit before tomorrow ;) (if you haven't seen them yet)
Jesse Marlow website and sites about Mr Marlow in: in.public; worldpressphoto contest;
The e-interview and more pics in the Fblog soon...
photographer: Jesse Marlow, from the series Don't just tell them, show them
/invited by joanna


Johan said...

Bra titel på en bildserie. Snygga bilder verkar det vara också!

Johan said...

Förresten, översta bilden går inte att klicka på!

joanna said...

anyone could please, say it in english?

Johan said...

I said. It's a good Title, Don't just tell them, show them. And the pictures are great!

By the way. The picture above doesn't enlarge.