21 November 2008

Natalia Skobeeva Exhibition at Viewfinder Photography Gallery

Peculiar Processes, a series of works by Natalia Skobeeva which runs from 22 November to 4 January, rails against the 'picture-perfect' attitudes of the digital age.

In it, the intricate statues of Easter Island are photographed with a Polaroid instant camera; film of London is buried in coffee; and expired film is used to reveal unpredictable results.

Other projects include photographing the life of London's Central St Martin's building using pinhole cameras with exposure times of up to 40 minutes.

Another sees models photographed in cyanotype, a 19th century printing process that gives a cyan-blue tint.

Natalia Skobeeva said: "This, my first solo show, brings together different aspects of my research into alternative techniques, some of which are unique and will be exhibited here for the first time.

"I am looking forward to seeing how each piece will interact with the viewer – I hope to surprise every viewer at least once."

The exhibition has been announced by
Time Out, The Telegraph, British Journal of Photography, AG magazine and many others.
Viewfinder Photography Gallery 

Linear House

Peyton Place


SE10 8RS

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