22 November 2008

Pastisch (or a postcard to someone that send postcards to Yngveland late on a saturday afternoon...and to all hard core flyfishers ofcourse...)

This summer, I was fishing in the lake Glen in the northen parts of Sweden.
For four days.
This is the outcome of that trip.
A still Life Photo.

For the first time in my life , I throwed in the towel.
I resignated.
Totally and utterly defeated.
Of an animal with a brainsize of a a peanut.
Or rather half a peanut.

What is that really telling me???


GC said...

looks like the tried-and-true hotdog lure failed this time!

Exposed Material said...

It tells you that Bullens pilsnerkorv is good enough.

Lina Nääs said...

Err, did you really use Bullens as a bait? Because if so, that might have been the problem. ;P

I think it tells you that you should not underestimate peanuts, and especially not half of them.

Darren said...
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Darren said...

Try using depth charges...you'd be surprised at just how effective they are :)