08 November 2008

viva LF, viva mistakes

As some experienced photographers says medium format is too slow I decided to go into 4x5". 

For over a month I was waiting for new camera, finally this happy moment came true and I made first 3 pictures. As I am completly new to LF cameras all was bit strange, starting from the opening of the body. Possibilities that gives LF camera (tilts, shifts etc) are just overwhleming and of course I wanted to use them just now. So I did, maximal tilt, thanx which you may see the vigniete at the bottom and beautifully sharp..Staszek's hairs. Finally I went to darkroom and again faced some problems making there several heavy mistakes (too less developer in new tank, which was noticed like a minut later). It resulted with the darker horizontal stripes in the upper part and weeping on the wall. I won't even mention problems with drying the sheets...

The result you may see above, suppose to be tragic, but...I find it magic. It all came naturaly in the analogue proces (charged with mistakes), and I am sure some of those mistakes I will repeat in the future. 

Now imagine how much I'd sweat trying to make it in PS :)

Credits to Staszek, Ann Texter and Jeanne Wells


jeanne wells said...

Ah life is a magic show, isn't it? And these old cameras have a way of reminding us of that fact, I think.

abeku said...

The unexpected makes life more interesting.