19 March 2009

Aleksander Prugar: Coal miners

Motivation for this photograph series is miners holiday called Barborka in 2005. Miners who took part of it, were photographed right after coming out from the underground, and then later leaving mines' baths- after washing coal dust off. While being at home, they split their time between family, resting ,mountain walking, and even writing books. If you ask them what is most important for them, their answer without any hesitation will be: home, family, serenity and tradition.

Ruda Slaska
„Coal mine Pokoj”
„Coal mine Polska-Wirek”
“Coal mine Bielszowice” 

Bio - official version:

Born in Gliwice (1984). Multimedia journalist, joining photography and sound records while documenting. At the moment completing MA dissertation at the Faculty of Journalism of Warsaw University. Winner of several photo contests: Grand Press Photo, BZ WBK PressPhoto, Polish Press Photo, Silesian Press Photo. Participant of Eddie Adams Workshop. Granted by Silesia Voyvodship. Participant of Cracow Photo Month. In his work he follows the motto: nothing happens twice. There will not be another yesterday or today. It will be kept for the future just on pictures, unless you don’t make it. 
Despite photography he writes poems and makes graphics.

Non-official version:
The world surrounding me stops to be a subject by itself to be become an element to be transformed in the creation process. I like to sleep till 3 p.m., to work till the daybreak and to eat supper instead of breakfast. I have digital camera and one lens. I don’t answer to the question “how many years do you photography”. I am sure there are golden years for photography ahead. And it will be soon, just few minutes left.

All pictures and text © by Aleksander Prugar

Whole series of Silesian coal miners to be seen and listen (really worth to make it!) here ->

More of Aleksander's works (pictures and projects) here: 


invited by Marcin


Anonymous said...

sjukt sjukt snyggt.
sick sick nice.

rikkard häggbom said...

det är kul att alla är snyggare efter och verkar uppenbart lyckligare med...

Anonymous said...

wonderful series and wonderful idea!

Exposed Material said...

The best I've seen for a very loooong time on this prime blog. Wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Znane i lubiane :)

Lina Nääs said...


Markus said...

This is truly an amazing project. I agree with abeku

damian chrobak said...

very nice...

Anonymous said...

Very good Visible and surprising. revealing and kamera used in a clever way

Paolo Saccheri said...

so simple and so great!!!
an astonishing effect.

Henke S said...

Perfect feeling.

/H from blamethecream.blogspot.com

Grisza said...

One of the most beautiful projects about Silesia and coal miners that I have seen

joanna said...

wow! fantastyczny pomysl! genialnie proste i doskonale piekne! :)