24 April 2009


the last white slabs of snow
melted off seven weeks ago.
and the geese are headed north again
through the tightening sky,
and i can feel my heart in my throat again
new onions growing in the ground.

the cows come gingerly out of the barn,
and when they see that the ground is warm,
they pick up a little speed,
it makes me feel so good,
and i feel it rushing down my throat -- fresh blood,
i head out onto the earth,
its cold heart is melting,
i don't know if i can stand it.
springtime's coming, that means you'll be coming back around.
new onions growing underground, underground.
Lyrics from the song Onions by the Mountain Goats. The song can be found on their CD "The coroners gambit". Probably one of the five best records ever made.


abeku said...

Great to see some work by you!

Camille said...

Very Nice and Simple, Pure and Calm...A little Haikou!

Johan said...

Gillar bilden!

Jan Buse said...


jeanne wells said...

so simple & good.

Rhonda Prince said...


Umma said...


Watching your photo with the song in the background...