10 August 2009

Mariela - something about a girl

Hallo again. I came back to F Blog being asked by Marcin. (This is the person that push me to do things from time to time. Thx!) I'm starting with my photographs, but already thinking what I will share next..

The story is about a girl who is six years old. A huge part of her life is a game, but she is already discovering some rules of the world. Sometimes she plays with the imaginary fireflies, which she hides in a quick hedge and have to cure them, because they came down with the firefly flu. But very often she asks serious questions and demands serious, mature answers.
I wanted to show this little girls' world, to which just a few are admitted. There always has to be something pink, at least little ribbon. She gives herself different names, from her real one - Mariela, to the names of fairies, elfs or princesses, depending on the mood. Seamingly rather unimportant things make up this world full of symbolism that create her reality.
These pictures were made for Mariela - to keep her private childish world in the image, to 'write down' her memories for her. I also feel it as some kind of a documentation on my relationship with her, the proof how close we can be and the proof of our mutual understanding and trust.
I put photographs into pairs to show some kind of dependences in her world. Although there are many unconsciousness, it somehow feels very coherent.


Jan Buse said...

Good thing being pushed sometimes! And very welcome to The F Blog! I laughed of joy when I saw your images,I think they´re excellent. Very sensitive and interesting, and such wonderful colors!

chrisw1r said...

Maga, you are very welcome to the F blog, good thing Marcin is such a persistent gentleman. :)

Mariela world is very real and serious, and I am happy to have peeked into her world!

jeanne said...

Such good work! I know I will come back to it again an again to try and "figure it out" which of course i won't be able to. Mystery is suh a beautiful thing in this world, isn't it?

Welcome back. I'm so glad you're here. It's a good place, and now that we've met in person it's even more special :)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful work! Welcome back!

M Jenemark

Markus said...

Wonderful photos. So delicate and sensitive. I'm glad that you are here!

abeku said...

You've never been away from the F - just had a long break like many of us. I still remember your first post of the blog. Your work is inspirational as always.

Chris said...

Glad to have you back, great serie of images too!