30 November 2009

Claudio Edinger: Paris

for those who are in Sao Paulo tonight.

Claudio Edinger's new exhibition opening. Dreamy 4x5" T&S pictures from Paris. The F Blog strongly recommends.

Claudio was our guest in April, take a look at his other series at The F Blog.


Chris said...

Wish I could be there, Lovely work indeed!

Romany said...

Oh these are just gorgeous. Very original, with the almost fish-bowl type effect.

cafe selavy said...

Of course, this is huge. Great photographer, great photos.

Chelsey_S said...

The focus is great in this series. The colors are wonderful, too. The gold tones of the window shot add a bit of romance into the frame when placed against the darker blues like you have them. I enjoy the focus particularly in the tunnel. You really feel present within the piece. The lighting in the shot mixed with the blurred focus makes the work feel like flashes of memory. The time feels slowed down almost to a stop.