19 January 2010

grandma's photo-album.

i was looking for some snaps in the old family albums. and i've step upon the grandma's album. i remember it quite well. from this one i know how my grand-grand father was looking like, i know who's my aunt's cousin, and could recognize my mum at the age of 2, and so on. but this time i was struck by the decoration left between the photographs. and of course, the snaps i was looking for - were found.

well, the thing is...would we have to show something simmilar to our grandsons, or it would be the mix of films, slideshows and thousands of jpgs?


charles said...

I love these old photos, you get a real feeling of emotional attachment when you leaf through an old album and that is what would be nice to pass on to our children - jpgs are just too...digital.

Markus said...

What a wonderful album! I guess I'll just leave a few harddrives and some boxes with negative behind.

They made me think of a book I've just read. The brilliant swedish painter Lars Lerin wrote about his youth in a small town and illustrated it by paiting the photos from old albums. Have a look here and some pictures even if you don't read swedish - http://www.smakprov.se/smakprov.php?isbn=9789127119154&l=cdon . It's a wonderful book

joanna said...

Marcus, indeed pictures from this book are marvelous!