10 February 2010

Inbox: Sophie Lee

We love photo books and one day we found a mail from Sophie in our inbox presenting her beautiful book Élise. Enjoy!

Sophie writes:
I am an artist based in Manchester England, currently completing a BA in photography at Manchester School of Art.

Through photography, artist books and creative writing I work with the construction of narratives and lives. Often born from personal experience, this is a way for me to document the changes within my own life, playing with the realms of reality and un-reality.

Within Élise I paint a fragile portrait of a female character through photography and text. Opening the door to private fragments of a life that does not really exist. Text and image come together, when a fractured narrative takes the form of a screen play within the book piece which accompanies the images.

Élise grapples with the expectation of disappointment in a world where she exists, apparently, only for herself.


Also have a look at Sophies webpage for more of her work: http://sophielee-works.blogspot.com/


joanna said...

awesome! wish to take this book and read page by page. the one with tiger is quite surreal...wow!

jeanne said...

Truly wonderful!

Chris said...

Absolutley great work. Love this!