30 October 2013

invited guest: Ulf Fågelhammar

Unpretentious, Unpredictable, Unmatched. The F blog started in September 16, 2006. For long Ulf Fågelhammar, aka Mr Urbano, was one of the driving forces of the F blog. Nowadays one can find both his commitment to photography and some of his own pictures as well on 591 photography, a blog founded and edited by Fågelhammar. For me it is now a real pleasure to be able to present Ulf Fågelhammar as an invited guest to the F blog. The pictures is from a series of photographs made with a half-frame camera. 

All pictures by Ulf Fågelhammar.
Invited by Fredrik Skott


Exposed Material said...

Yes, we support film! I like the last two - that's what Rodchenko would capture. Diptychs using half frame cameras is great fun.

Markus said...

How great to see good ol Mr Urbano back! Love your half-frames!!

mrurbano said...

thank you, yes it was September 2006 it started here - I remember it with joy

M Agejev said...

Great pictures!!

Yngve said...

Great to see your pics published here once again!

joanna said...

it's sooooooo good to see you here, though 'invited guest' sounds to me sort of strange regarding You, Ulf. anyway, great pictures and i'm so happy to see it here :)))) best!!!