23 October 2006

Guest: Michael Kenna

Photo: Michael Kenna
His graphic style and feeling for composition, ability to find beauty in all kind of places even the industry areas are some of the reasons why his work fascinates me. You may see more of his work here

Invited by Jeanette Hägglund.


F said...

Fabulous work, Ansel Adams would have liked this :)

F said...

There is a family resemblance between much of Kenna's works and that of Gérard Laurenceau, don't you think? An elevated state of looking at the world around us - in b/w, often long exposures, delicate shadow/highlight relations, and great sense of composition.

In small doses, I really love it. Too much of it is too much - it's as if the photos are almost too perfect for my taste, in a way.

J. S-g.

F said...

Fantastic to see Kenna´s work here, I´m a big fan of his work!
Well done J!


F said...

Your work is amazing! Love the mood, and tones. Gonna check out some more at your website.


F said...

I've always been a great admirer of your work, Michael! Thanks for sharing with us!
- Abeku

F said...

Very good pictures. I especially like the first one. Magical!
/ F. Skott

F said...


Specially I'm fond of the one in the middle, it is truly amazing.