17 October 2006

My first picture

I invited Susanne to share this lovely picture with us. Here is the story in her own words: "This is one of my first pictures. I was four years old and my father had just bought me a plastic camera. I carried the camera in my hand when we left the shop. And there it was! The most fantastic lorry I had ever seen. So I pointed at it and shot this picture!
My old father has never enjoyed that picture :))"
invited by ulf fågelhammar
Photo: Susanne Wahlgren
See more of Susanne´s pictures here


Exposed Material said...

This must be better than my first picture but I cant really remember what it was, must investigate that later on a wisit to Dalarna!
Nice to see you here Suss!


Exposed Material said...

Great story and a fine picture Suss! Glad to see you here on the F blogg.


Exposed Material said...

The world through the eyes of a child.
Isn´t that the best view you will ever find? Thanks Susanne!

Exposed Material said...

I like this too, the pure simple fascination over something...one should never loose or forget that feeling I believe.

Not in photography, nor in life.