19 November 2006

Invited guest: Eva Pettersson

About a year ago I discovered a treasure - Eva Pettersson’s photographs. Now I am happy to have the possibility to present some of them on The F Blog! I like everything with the photographs, in particular the mood in them. You can see some more of Eva’s pictures here.

Klara and Anna. Photo: Eva Pettersson.

Sofia. Photo: Eva Pettersson.

Telefunken. Photo: Eva Pettersson.

Invited by Fredrik Skott


F said...

The first photo, Klara and Anna, is hanging on my living room wall, right behind me from where I am sitting in the sofa at this moment. I still love looking at it.

Great to see you here on the F blog, Eva!

J. S-g.

F said...

I still remember the first time I saw your work on fotosidan. They really knocked me to the ground (in the most positive way) and they still do!


Anonymous said...

absolutely great to see your pictures, that I have never come across before.
The last one is a "lone star", so
full of good humour and still provoking.

Jeanette said...

Fantastic, funny, playful, important, and just wondrful photos. The last one made me laugh ....cool ;D


Anonymous said...

As you know I really appreciate this photographs. Excellent, wonderful, bizarre and strange. Thanks for showing them here.

F said...

Great work! I think I have seen the first one somewhere else, but I dont remember where.


F said...

Yes, great to see work like this. Truly great, imaginative and original!