19 November 2006

Invited guest: Jacek Gąsiorowski

"How can you tell that a photo was taken by an artist and not by relatively talented amateur?"

Jacek says making pictures is like katharsis after working day. He's satisfied with the fact that he's creator and the viewer of his pictures. What is important is to keep in memory important moments of his life, like smiles of his wonderful daugther and wife. Jacek allowed us to take a look into his diary, see some pages of it.

And you, can you judge, what is art, and which pictures were made by an artist?

More of Jacek's work you'll find

Invited by Marcin Górski


Jeanette said...

Oh yes - i have seen a lot of his work. I think he has got some alias too... Dr Feelgood for example. Or am i wrong? Anyhow - i like your photos, as you already know Jacek.


F said...

I like this kind of unaffected pictures, great :)

ulf said...

Wonderful pictures Jacek. They go
straight to my heart.

F said...

Wonderful and beautiful work.

And I don't think one should get to fascinated over famous photographers names. In the long run it is all down to the image itself.


f. skott said...

Yes, this is very good pictures. I like them all but especially the second one - wonderful!
- f.

F said...

I too have seen your work on AltPhotos. You have a great eye for portraits, I think.

J. S-g.

joanna said...

pleasure to meet :) great shots. you don't need to say ho's an artist or amateur - in photography still the photo is the only rule :)