30 November 2006

Invited guest: Markus Jenemark

- Lost souls
It's a pleasure to invite Markus Jenemark to the F-blog. His picture has always been an inspiration to me. Markus says "In my photographs I try to capture some kind of feeling, whether it´s my own or somebody else´s. I think it´s essential to keep trying to be personal and to let my emotional state show in my pictures. I believe it´s best not to think too much, not to plan a photo in advance, but to be spontaneous and seize the moment. Hopefully my photos speak for themselves, because I have a hard time writing about them!"
See more of his work at his own site and at photopoints!
All photographs by Markus Jenemark. Invited by Anders Blomqvist.


mats äleklint said...

Great to see you here on the F-blog markus! I have been enjoying your photos on photopoints, and they are wonderful! Of these I especially like minna.

F said...

Wonderful pictures, and realy nice to see you here :)

Anonymous said...

Hey there young man
I was thinking about inviting you too!
You know this blog is a mess
and we love it
Great photography Markus
The lost souls have found a place to rest!

Anonymous said...

Yeah Markus, I especially like the mean-looking dog being the trucker at the end. It rocks!

F said...

So good, I have been admiring and enjoying your work many times. The presence, the ability to catch things in the right time.

Lost souls will always be a favorite of mine.


Fredrik Skott said...

Wonderful pictures. All new to me so thank you very much for sharing them on The F Blog.

F said...

Good to see you here Markus, you know I like your picturers, I was also thinking of inviting you - glad Anders did.


Anonymous said...

So nice to see you here Marcus and as you know I do really enjoy your work!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot! It's a pleasure to show my pictures on this great site!

Markus J.