23 November 2006

invited guest: Peter Burda

Peter Burda is perhaps most creative photographer I know. He bravely plays
with convencies and techniques, feeling well in classical B&W portrating
(circus people series), night photography (english nights) and picturesque,
surreal landscaping. His work doesn't allow to give him a stable lable and
put him into certain drawer. His photographic motto is:
I photograph,what
I don't see. what I see, I don't photograph.

Peter has no formal photographic education, but he is fully devoted to
photography.He lives in a small village Mlynica in Slovak Tatra mountains.
He exhibited in Slovakia, Poland and France. Recently his work was
presented by major Polish magazine Fotografia

I am grateful Peter agreed to share his work with F blog.

english nights: 24#50

how an angel learns to fly: lesson 6

circus people/humberto: humberto #5

landscapes: about small boy in the big city

chat: chatroom2#1
More you will find here

Invited by Marcin Górski


chrisw1r said...

Hi Peter, happy to see you here. I still remember the series 'how an angel', it is a favourite of mine indeed!

ulf said...

Yes the angels how could I ever forget about them, and the English nights..
You are a visionaire Peter

abeku said...

I'm happy to see your work here, Peter! It's always so excellent!

f. skott said...

Interesting and somewhat strange pictures. I love them! Thanks for showing them on the F blgo.

F said...

Peter!!!! I am so happy to see your work again, I have missed you, and look at this wonderful work you are making now. Just fantastic!


F said...

Great work and I really would like to have a closer look at 'how angels learns to fly' series, I definetly will check that out.


ulf said...

Yes please Peter
can we expect to see "how angels
learn to fly" here on the F blog
That would be just wonderful!

mikael said...

Very interesting, this I will go back to more!