24 November 2006

Invited Guest: Olle Norling





E4, Uppland


I´m glad that i now can present some works of Olle Norling, who recently showed photos in an exhibition in Uppsala. The prints he has done by him self.

Olle says: "My photography often includes buildings or landscapes. In this work from 1987 I was investigating the commonplace".


marcin said...

this is like a walk on my home town and neighbouring cities of Upper Silesia...
We have tradition of showing such industrial places in BW, I find your bit washed colours really refreshing. I like the mood emanating from your works.

mikael said...

Nice to see a photo of the old mine(?) in Håksberg, suburb ;) to my old hometown Ludvika
Very appeling photos all of them!

Markus said...

Strong compositions and lovely subtle colors. My favourite is the last one, from Skövde

abeku said...

Excellent work! I've never seen Gävle so beautiful!
Thanks for sharing!

Jeanette said...

AS i have told you Olle i really appreciate this serie and it was a pleasure to see them in real life in the exhibition. Lets there be more exhibitions.


ulf said...

It´s a strange feeling that come out from your picture. A civilization
that once existed, a long time ago in some galaxy.
Found in these photographs.
Photography matters!!
Good stuff.

F said...

Could have been part of the EKODOK project, from the look of it.

J. S-g.

Jeanette said...

HI Joakim...i don´t think those where, but Olle joined the work, certinly!


f. skott said...

Wonderful pictures with a special mood. It would be very nice to see more of your work on The F Blog!
- F.

Jeanette said...

Yes - i agree with Fredrik :)