24 November 2006

Marcel Duchamp

[Joseph Stella and Marcel Duchamp], 1920 / Man Ray, photographer.
1 photographic print : b&w ; 26 x 21 cm. Rudi Blesh papers,
Archives of American Art.

If you read my post about "Francis Picabia and 391" you probably
also saw the name
Marcel Duchamp on the cover of an issue of
that periodical. Here he is with painter
Joseph Stella. Both men
are worth a special chapter, but for now I will just make a remark
about the photographer with birthname Emmanuel Radnitzky, but
known to the world as Man Ray.

"In New York, Ray met and worked with the French artist
Marcel Duchamp and Francis Picabia from Spain, forming the
core of the New York Dada movement whose centre was
Alfred Stieglitz's gallery '291'."
read full article at
about: photography.com

Well, it seems like we are getting somewhere? Or what do
you think? I will definitely come back to Man Ray later on.
Among others.


marcin said...

I was waiting for Duchamp :)

chrisw1r said...

It is the context that makes the 'art'. hmm, something, something, pissoir, something... *lol*

Dalina said...

That's me (in the closet)