26 December 2006

Invited Guest: Maria Flores

The Fly Hears Beyond Your Thoughts

The Fly - Às vezes só queria ser 1 mosquinha - III

The Fly - Às vezes só queria ser 1 mosquinha - IV

Photos: Maria Flores, Lisboa, Portugal.
I saw her photos on a photosite and were catched by the creativity
and the surreal world she has created. Those photos make my
imagination run. Make me associate to other photos and also movies

i have seen. The use of the television screen gives many interesting
interpretations....i say no more...what do you think by your self..? Could be
interesting to read them in a comment for example.

See more of Maria Flores work here

and here

Maria says: "Do not everyone already want to fly? To be able to hear the conversation they are whispering? In Portugal we have an expression "Só queria ser uma mosquinha" (Just want to be a fly to hear what they are saying). In this series I did a joke with that. It was very amusing. Most of the times i photographs with the help of my love Fernando Figueiredo who is also a photographer. We help each other, sometimes I resort to assemblies, for the resorce lack....we are the models...but that also make the act of photographing very amusing. In this series I worked alone. I did the props, I like doing the pieces for the photographies. The wings are wire, the eyes are simple tools from the kitchen and the tv is one of so many pieces that we find in the surroundings. In the streets we have been finding very interesting objects. In the photography "In the the best soup the fly falls" I looked also for a Portuguese sentence, a proverb. I like a spirit of a mood in the photos, or a certain lyricism..../"

Invited By: Jeanette Hägglund


Ulla said...

Very interesting in wonderful colours. "Leva - me contigo" "The lovers - II" and "Woman in three stages" I love the last one.

mats äleklint said...

I come to think of the movie "the fly"! :) But this is taken a step further, more surrealistic i think. Great stuff!

f. skott said...

Interesting and strange pictures. Faboulous!

Jeanette said...

As you already know Maria i like those photos...the idea as well as the great result. I did not think of "The Fly" my self...cause it was too close. Nice work you have done and it´s gonna be interesting to see whats next :)


christofer said...

This is great, so strange, so beautiful in its own way.

Ulf said...

exciting stuff maria
i don´t like macro flies
but I like this maxi fly

mikael said...

Surrealistic with high impact and I like it!