26 December 2006

Guest: Niklas Ehlén (2)

The phone call


The child beggar

The Gardener

I thought I'd show some more of Niklas' photos here, they should be
shown soon, since they are important.
Invited by Christian and Ulf.


mats äleklint said...

Yes they are important, its pictures like this that can change the world. Wonderful niklas!

abeku said...

Yep, this is good stuff. I never get tired to see these photos. A good reminder this time of the year.

marcin said...

I can just join to the choir of Mats and Anders, wishing to see more of your work soon

f. skott said...

I agree with Marcin, please let us see more of your work!

christofer said...

Important and so very good, I like this alot Niklas!

Ulf said...

Pictures I can watch over and over again
Great photography

mikael said...

So strong and good!