27 December 2006

Invited guest: John Strazza (3)

Images of real life situations have within them the elements
physics, math, art, and the laws of light and time all in
one moment,
all in one frame.

It's no surprise that a black and white photograph
will contain elements that will make for a contemplative
and seemingly intentional design -
not as random as some may believe.

Time and time again I see these elements, objects,
people "fall together"
within the frame of an image
as though one had planned it's layout

(or design) very carefully.

Yet no more than a call to our mind's eye was
needed to find and respond to a moment in time,
the elements there-in,
and to focus a lens and
click a shutter.

We are (the structure and the elements) and therefore
we see and respond to them .. even if only

by our intuition.

text and pictures ©John Strazza
invited by Ulf Fågelhammar


chrisw1r said...

John, I have always loved your photos and the air in them. They evoke both a feeling of the present as well as of the movie past of NY. And the light in them is marvellous.

f. skott said...

inspirational as always!

marcin said...

although all of your pictures are fantastic, the last one shown in this article is my no. 1 since I've seen in for the first time. For me it's best picture I ever seen in internet. I'm more then happy to have it in F blog

j. s-g. said...

The deep black urban shadows fascinates me.

abeku said...

Ditto Marcin what he says. It certainly captures my New York as well! Such a joy to have you here, John!

mats äleklint said...

Very inspiring john! And like marcin saids, the last one is a beauty!

john said...

Thank you so much .. it's a joy to be here and I am humbled by your comments .. i look forward to sharing together .. always my best to you all

mikael said...

You have a unique way of puzzling the pieces together and thx for letting us enjoy it!