27 December 2006

invited Guest: Tomas Holmqvist

Many years ago I discovered Tomas Homqvist’s series of photographs, made with a halfframe camera, at Swedish photo community. Since then the series have continued to fascinate me. Now it is a honour to have the possibility to present some of his photographs on the F blog.

livet (life).
© Tomas Holmqvist.

sv/v (b/w).
© Tomas Holmqvist.

gatan (street).
© Tomas Holmqvist.

For more information, please visit Tomas Holmqvist’s homepage. Invited by Fredrik Skott


chrisw1r said...

Tomas, I like the triptych effect you are using, it really added to your photos. Beautiful photos!

Anonymous said...

Great photography. The one in the middle is my favorite!

Anonymous said...

Yes, the middle one is truly inspirational. From pure empty white to fat massive black - by way of the female nude. A beginning, a middle and an end. Life, no less.

Anonymous said...

Fascinating work. I need to go back to my darkroom soon... thanks for the inspiration

mats äleklint said...

Really like your pictures, very inspiring! Need to get me a half format camera... ;)

Anonymous said...

excellent pictures
this is a treat to watch

Jeanette said...

I like the "framing" as a triptych...nice indeed and the potic photos, yes :)


Anonymous said...

Interesting and very good!

Eff said...

great, inspiring, mesmerizing photography.