07 December 2006

Invited guest: Nick Brandt

Ever since I was a kid I´ve been fascinated by the wildlife of the savanna.
I´ve never been there but Nick has and some day I will be there too and enjoy these magnificent animals.
In my opinion its not many people who manage to make art of wildlife photography, Nick is one of them who manage to do that and please enjoy the mythical world of Nick´s animals of the savanna wich sadly is a vanishing world if we don´t stop that. It´s close (no teleshots) its personal and you can enjoy more at Nick´s homepage http://www.nickbrandt.com/
Invited by Mikael Jansson.

© Nick Brandt


F said...

magnificient pictures! Very powerful! Also very good technical.


Eff said...
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Eff said...

yes, absolutly great and very touching photos. Makes me concious of the importance of these animals.
Be sure to check out his site.
And thanks for showing this work here.


Fredrik Skott said...

Wonderful photographs! Powerful, Mats wrote, and I agree. Thank you for contributing to the F blog!
All the best, Fredrik

Anonymous said...

I didn't know Nick Brandt but he really has amazing photographs.

Anonymous said...

Excellent choice, Mikael! I'm a great admirer too. It's really great to see your work here on the F-blog, Nick!

Anonymous said...

Emphatic images. Someone how knows and feels that we are animals, as are they - and that we all deserve to be depicted as individuals, not as species.

Great invitation!

Markus said...

I think Joakim said it perfectly. Very beautiful photos. Thanks!

F said...

Outstanding pictures :)

Jeanette said...

I´m glad to see your work here Nick, really fascinating photography. Beautifully done!!! I simply agree with other admires!


F said...

Absolutley Great!

And the uppermost is a favorite, and the second, and the third...and so on.

Totally impressed.


Anonymous said...

this is a treasure to have on our space in universe (blogosphere?)
truly great photography!

Rhonda Boocock said...

Makes me want to travel even more than I did before!!!! Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

truly beautiful work. I am so lucky to be in a bookstore all day where I can see people's reaction to beautiful photography books. This one is a great favorite.

Anonymous said...

Very very nice! Nick Brandt's images just sing! I didn't know animal photography could be this powerful.