10 December 2006

invited guest: Susan Burnstine

Some months ago I discovered outafocus, a really good photoblog by Susan Burnstine, and was totally fascinated by her magical photographs. Now I am happy to have the possibility to introduce her photographs on The F Blog! Now I leave the word to Susan herself:

On waking dreams
Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes. (Carl Jung).

This series explores that fleeting moment between dreaming and waking - the blurred seconds in which imagination and reality collide.
I often recall images and am uncertain whether they came from something experienced in reality or dreams. Images symbolic of transitions and transformations of the spirit, be it human, animal or from the natural world, are of particular interest and significance to me.
With this series, I wanted to find a way to portray these types of dream-like visions, but entirely in-camera, rather than with post-processing manipulations. To achieve this, I created twenty hand-made cameras and lenses that are frequently unpredictable. Learning to overcome their extensive limitations has required me to rely on instinct and intuition - the same tools key for attempting to interpret dreams.

Forest Through The Trees.
© Susan Burnstine.

This Side Of Heaven.
© Susan Burnstine.

Bridge To Nowhere.
© Susan Burnstine.

Into The Light.
© Susan Burnstine.

Blue's Nose.
© Susan Burnstine.

© Susan Burnstine.

For more information, please visist Susan Burnstine's homepage and blog. Invited by Fredrik Skott


kita said...

your images are stunning. I am truly overwhelmed by them. the softness of the blurs yet the strnegth of the contrasts. powerful stuff. faves a million times.

mary c. mitchell said...

I agree to kita. Stunning and overwhelming images. It would be interesting to read more about your cameras.

F said...

Wonderful, simply wonderful. Beautiful and emotional and with a strong sensation of escape.

Love it!


j. s-g. said...

Beautiful blurry dream-captures. Like Mary, I would find it interesting to know more about your tools.

Susan B. said...

thank you--very kind of you all. I'm honored.

Jeanette said...

Special mood and touch.... great photos and nice to see them here.


agnieszka [dz] said...

I like it...real but unreal world.

abeku said...

Susan, this is simply brilliant. Inspiration that I will return too, often.

Joannes said...

yes, I join the chorus tosay I love this !

ulf said...

I find an apocalyptic feeling in your pictures that is truly fascinating. It´s like letting go of all rationality, that we try so hard to preserve. Truly great work and vision. Many thanks for being here!

mikael said...

Fantastic photography, love all of them.

Susan B. said...

cheers. :)
Thanks again.