11 December 2006

pretty far from tiger woods

Anually in april the US Masters are played at Augusta National Golf Club.
At approximatly the same time the Marholmen minigolf course reopens after the winterbrake...
if the weather admits it.

10 swedish crowns for 18 holes.
Club, ball and scorecard with pen included.

and best of all, there are no dressingcode, so if you want to play in pyjamas that is totally OK.

photos: christofer grandin


Jeanette said...

Nice study you have done and i like the dark, moody, wet and rainy winter feeling as well as the geometry.


mats äleklint said...

Really like this christofer! love the mood. I wonder how tiger woods would play on those minigolf courses.

Espen said...

wonderfully portrayed. I like these very much.

Rhonda said...

if weather permits...love the mood!

F said...

jammies??? I'm there! These are wonderful photographs.


urbano (from space) said...

I think I prefer this compared to hanging around with Tiger
Very good Yngve post again
I am glad you are on the move!
Excellent photography.

abeku said...

Hahaha, I like your sense of humour! Beautiful pictures too!

F said...

thanx to you all!

Mats tiger would be struggeling here...talent with balls won't help, here it is down to pure luck. Or 'bonntur' as it is called in swedish.

and yes Jeanne, jammies will do just fine...I will wear my superman outfit I think. The overwashed and oversized one that looks pink and babyblue (the one that goes so well together with the camoflauge rubberboots).

Urbano can have his spacesuit if he wants. Made of papiermache and tapestries from the 70's (he will look smashing).


mikael said...

I´ll grab my pyjamas and join ;-)
Very fine performance with this!