09 December 2006

Invited guest: Viktor Gårdsäter

Viktor sent me eight "lone stars". Great pictures from this young man
with a free mind and fresh eyes. I have met Viktor once in real life.
You will see him soon again at a gallery near you. I am sure of that.
Viktor has added some comments to all of the pictures.

Invited by ulf fågelhammar

My friends Linus and Farzad at Linus summer house

Looks like the little kid has to wait until the older
guys are finished.The picture is taken at
Björns Trädgård in Stockholm.

This is My Grandpa in his house.
His name is Erik and he is 86 years old

This picture is taken in Blackeberg, a suburb to Stockholm.
What does the shadow mean to you?

I have always been fascinated by contrasts.
Tiny old ladies in front of big symetric
building for example

This is a picture of some workers trying to
fix the grass at the Stockholm

This is Krister in front of his mum and dad
who mean a lot to him

I call this picture "In a paralel world"

all pictures ©Viktor Gårdsäter

find more pictures by Viktor here


F said...

Great to see you here on the f-blog! Love your pictures!


Jeanette said...

re i have seen his photos on Fotosidan and remember some of those photos. I like what you do Viktor, nice to see you here.


F said...

Great pictures, great person. Nice to see some off Viktors work here at the F-blogg.

F said...

I like your work very much Viktor.

Nice to see you here!


Anonymous said...

Yes, you should be hired by a major paper. Right now.

Anonymous said...

So happy to see you here Gårdis and your work is truly great.

Anonymous said...

Great work! Blackeberg is a treasure among the suburbs!

Anonymous said...

Blackeberg? where´s that? South of slussen is the place to be!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys! Thanks alot :)

And Micke!

Havent you aswell as me explored the south of Slussen to the max? Time to explore new places! like Blackeberg for example ;)



Anonymous said...

These are great - parallel world is amazing ..