09 December 2006

Pälsänglar (eng: fur angels)


Jeanette said...

Cute cats...the first and one of the last are my favorites. The title are cool.....cause it´s more fitting to call cats furangels/ pälsänglar, then the horrible litte animal with that name..have you ever seen them? If ot, search in old houses in/ on cloths.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, but that little inscets you're referring to Jeanette, is called "pälsängrar".

Jeanette said...

Yeah - you are right, hmmm

F said...

-Ha! Fur angels.

They are killermachines, if they sized them up to a meter, they would be leathal for humans too.

I have one at home btw. And it is amazing how much she brings home...mouses, birds and frogs insects of all kind...she has been flinging long looks at the neighbours dwarfrabbit too...it is just a matter of time...

Lovley pics btw!