03 December 2006

Invited photographer: Sonja Fagerholm

Photography helps me to explore and remember people and places.
I am graduated in humanistic science with focus on modern history.
Life on a ship has always fascinated me. It´s a lifestyle that leaves
you isolated at sea for weeks or months. As a final project at a photography
school, I decided to document life on a Finnish cargo ship, mv Mistral.
The ship was carrying a cargo of paper and the trip went from Helsinki,
Fredrikshamn and Rauomo in Finland with destination Santander, Spain.
I am showing some of the pictures that were exhibited at the
Åland Maritime Museum from 11 September -11 October 2006.

- Sonja Fagerholm

invited by Ulf Fågelhammar ( I am so glad to see you here!)


F said...

-Oh, I love this kind of photography. Don't have the words to describe it really. Don't shure if I want to describe it in words. It just speaks directly to me for some reason. Wonderful to have you here!


f. skott said...

Wonderful photographs! It is great to see them here at The F Blog. Thanks for sharing them.

abeku said...

Wonderful work, Sonja! You've captured the marine atmosphere.

mats äleklint said...

I like it too! Love the mood.

gilbert g. said...

This is good, really good!

mikael said...

Most impressing work, welcome onboard

ulf said...

great pictures Sonja
you did a wonderful job
with your camera at the ship!