23 January 2007

and the winner is...Solo!

This picture - called "Solo" - just recently was awarded "best picture"
by YFO It was shot outside the museum of modern art in Barcelona in
February 2006 with a slow, old Canon PowerShot Pro 1. The picture is not
staged. I was lucky to see this guy passing by with the umbrella.
Apparently you need luck to be succesful...

-Ulf Börjesson

photographer©Ulf Börjesson


ulf said...

great picture
Congratulations and celebrations!

christofer said...

Great pic Ulf and congratulations to the prize!

joanna said...

that's my favourite for this month! excellent!!!!!!!!!!

Carolina said...

it definitely deserved the award one of the best photos ive seen here in fblog. so simple, so perfect. congratulations.