23 January 2007

Invited guest: Gabor Pal

I proudly introduce to you - Gabor Pal - "the master of digital remastering". Gabor aka "Radikalis Vertikalis is a young hungarian student who creates his photographic artworks in a surrealistic tradition using only digital technique. I came across his portfolio some time ago and was quite taken with the mix of vivid images I found.

"As for me photography and manipulation are going together. Digital technique is a great way to reanimate spirit and to move it into a higher level of conciousness."
/Gabor Pal

Invited by Helena Nilsson


Waiting for endofuture

Welcome to the dollhouse

Where shore splits

See more here


jeanne said...

Gobor, finally! I've known you as RV for so long and always wondered who lurked behind that name and camera.

Such beautiful work you create, and so important to keep an old traditionalist -- like myself--'s eye open to new beauties.

It's all about staying open and inventive, isn't it?

Mattias said...

Wonderful blog

ulf said...

Hello radikalis
good to see you
I am delighted!
wonderful stuff

Jeanette said...

Good to see you here as well as elsewhere and your work is lovley


abeku said...

Beautiful stuff!

F said...

Wonderful and lovley work Gabor, I like your style alot. You have a great feeling for the level of manipulation you put into your work, to really make it stand out.

Great stuff indeed.