22 January 2007

invited guest: Matthew T. Joyce

I still remember seeing your first picture Matt...and I have been looking
for it! Where is it? Anyway, finally you are here on The F Blog. I am

very pleased to be able to show our readers "Calle Diez" a celebration

of grain, movement and fiesta!

I love people with a character and you´ve got loads of it Matty boy.
You are most welcome here to the "no rules society" and I am looking
forward to your first guest postings. Matt will appear under a label
called: Beneath the Hard Wiring: Subterranean Thoughts.

invited by ulf fågelhammar

All pictures ©Matthew T. Joyce


F said...

-Oh, Yesssss!!!

I recognize these!!!

Who let this dog in???!!!
He will shit on the carpet, chew on our precious pieces of art.
He will tare us apart…grain us down, piece by piece…

fling him a bone… or at least a shoe before it is to late…

Great to have you here Matty!!!

And the pics? I love them, specially the really grainy ones, a mixture of grace and roughness, just like the dance itself.

/that grandin guy

jeanne said...

hey!!! what he said. double!!!

It's so good to see these all together -- and that's the beauty of this format, you can see a series of images as they're meant to be seen -- dancing with each other!


don't forget about the carpet . . .

j. s-g. said...

Nice to have your here, Matthew!